Erasmus is not one year in your life
but your life in one year

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Welcome to Erasmus Life Lisboa family

Coming for Erasmus in Lisbon? We are here for you!

Our mission is to make Lisbon the number #1 choice for all international students. We're here to help you from even before your arrival till the end of your exchange experience.

Every semester we organize over 100 trips & activities such as city tours, wine tastings, parties, skydive, bbq, walking tours, surf lessons, trips to Algarve & Porto, boat parties, excursions to all over Portugal and more...

Erasmus Card

Become a member of the family

Get access to all our events & trips and tons of discounts in our partners. It is the ultimate card for international students in Lisbon as you'll be able to enjoy free entrance to our 5 parties per week, hundreds of free local events such as city tours, guided museum tours, karaoke, games, bbq...

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Events & Trips

Are you up for parties, trips and events?

We organise over 100 trips for you over the year, check some of the amazing places that you can visit with us and pick the ones you'd like to discover. Check regularly our calendar, we normally update the events list twice a week.


Find the perfect place to stay in three simple steps

Talk with us

What are you looking for?
An apartment by yourself, a shared flat?

Visit the place

Once you chose, we'll take you there to
confirm your interest.

Bring your stuff

Once chosen, bring your stuff in and start
enjoying your new place.


Ever thought of an Internship in Portugal?

Gain work experience, enrich your resume, get to know more people and create contacts all around the globe. Isn't it a great idea? Search along our internship offers and apply to the ones of your interest.


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