DATE: 29/03/2023





Have you ever played beer pong? What about truth or dare? And did you ever combined these two games? Sounds crazy, huh? We promise it will be!


You have to be not just good in hitting the cups but let’s show the others how brave you are! This game will make your night the most unforgettable of your Erasmus in Lisbon! So are you ready for madness?


…yeah but wait, your question is probably what will exactly happen? 


This game is based on the rules of beer pong but with a tiny switch – under every cup you will find a challenge. If you hit your opponents’ cup they have two options BEFORE reading the dare under:

1. DO THE DARE: If you do the dare you can keep your cup, so basically you ‘save’ the cup. After this if your opponent scores in the saved cup again you can not save it, you have to drink your beer/sangria and remove the cup from the table. If you read it and refuse to do it you lose 2 cups – the hit one and one chosen by the opponent.

2. REFUSE TO DO THE DARE: If you decline to do the dare you have to remove the dare from the table and the cup (after drink what is inside) which your opponent hit as well. 


The tournament system depends on the number of participants but the better you play the more matches you have!

So have you called your partner in crime already to show the people how winners play?


Note 1: This Event is exclusive for Erasmus Life Lisboa Cardholders.

Note 2: Make sure you book your place as soon as possible as all events have limited places.


  • A Beer Pong Tournament!
  • One Hour of Open Bar: 30 min before and 30 min after the Tournament!
  • All Tournament Drinks included;
  • One Shot at the Tournament’s Venue;
  • Late entry and party at the Club with the Erasmus Life Lisboa Family!


Black Tiger Bar 8:45 PM

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