The Christmas Dinner

Try the delicious Traditional Portuguese Cuisine!



december 17th



Meeting Point & Time

Do you already feel the cold, getting dark earlier and the bright lights shining up the city? The best season is approaching, and we have all been waiting for it! 🙌🏻
Christmas festivities come along with people sharing their love and joy... the beauty of it is that everyone does it differently!
Let us show you how we celebrate Christmas the only way we know how to! 🤩
Come and try traditional Portuguese cuisine with us at this all you can drink dinner!
The main star of this event will be the CODFISH, not only very important for our Portuguese history but also for our gastronomy and our culture.
If you are not into codfish, don't worry, there will be meat and vegetarian options also, all of this for you to enjoy and have an awesome evening!
Very important, together with an amazing meal.... we will have ALL YOU CAN DRINK of white and red sangria, beer and soft drinks!
  • Starters;
  • Main Course:
    Fish: 4 different kinds of Codfish (highly recommended!)
    Meat Option
    Vegetarian Option
  • Dessert & expresso coffee;
  • Drinks (All you can drink of sangria, red and white wine, soft drinks).

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