Museum of Lisbon and S. Jorge Castle Visit


September 28th



Meeting Point & Time

Join this visit to see the most emblematic monuments of Lisbon!

Museu de Lisboa (Museum of Lisbon) reveals the city and its history through different perspectives: cultural, social, economic, political, anthropological, territorial. The Museum has five centers: Palácio Pimenta, Teatro Romano, Santo António, Torreão Poente and Casa dos Bicos. Five different spaces, with complementary goals and resources, that share the mission of raising awareness about one of Europe’s oldest cities. Interpreting Lisbon through material and intangible testimonies, the Museum reveals the city’s multicultural heritage - past and present - which has contributed to its possible futures.

S. Jorge Castle is perched on top of the hill, Castelo de São Jorge is an important military monument and a culturally iconic site.

Visitors can learn about the history of Lisbon and enjoy the view and an extensive outdoor area – about 4 hectares – consisting of a wide variety of typical trees from the Iberian Peninsula and a considerable number of animals, particularly the lovely community of peacocks.

NOTE: Dear Student, this event is free and has a total capacity number, this means that the city hall will be operating this event in a matter of first come first serve, so please come as early as possible to guarantee your spot.

This ticket does not assure the presence in whole this event

  • Transportation to the monuments
  • Entrance to Lisbon's Museum
  • Entrance in the S. Jorge Castle

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