Erasmus Generation Lisbon Conference 2021

The effects of the COVID pandemic on the Lisbon's Erasmus community and the new reality for future Erasmus!


November 13th

Meeting Point & Time

ISCTE - Grande Auditório

9 AM

COVID changed our lifes!
Was your Erasmus affected? How do you see the future of the Erasmus community in Lisbon?

It is without a doubt that the novel Coronavirus has changed the landscape of the Erasmus programme throughout Europe but we believe that no other has been impacted quite as Lisbon. To begin with Lisbon, the number of incoming and outgoing Erasmus students has been growing exponentially since 2013 and come to an abrupt stop in 2020. Nonetheless the Erasmus programme is one the star initiatives of the European Union and one of the utmost importance.

In this conference we will analyse what happened and what can become of the Erasmus experience in Lisbon in a world living with covid 19 and its new variants. How keep moving forward with a fantastic Erasmus experience while at the same time making it as safe as possible for the participants in the programme.

Are you wondering what the speakers at the conference are talking about?
You can look forward to topics such as the Erasmus+ program, COVID and the impact on Generation Z, successful businesses that thrived in times of pandemic and much more!

If you have some of the following questions:

- Would you stay longer in Lisbon if the Erasmus Programme allows you?

- Would you like to live and work in Portugal after your Erasmus?

- What can you do with YOUR business ideas?

- How did the pandemic push Gen Z to rethink and rediscover the world?

- Did the pandemic impact Gen Z permanently?

Then you must know that this conference is just for you!

As part of your application for this conference, you will also get the opportunity for a free entrance to the Castle St. Jorge and get a free ticket for Pub Crawl.

So what do you think?
Let’s meet on 13th of November at 8:30 at ISCTE main Auditorium!

9 AM to 1PM

  • Opening
  • Existing link between erasmus+ and entrepreneurship
  • The importance of the Erasmus Programme in Europe, te importance of moving forward.
  • How to keep a Lisbon a top destination for Erasmus students and placement.
  • How covid 19 affected the mental and physical health and adaptation measure.
  • Study in Lisbon Profect, Inovation and city.
  • Other speakers

Lunch time

  • Free entrance to S. Jorge Castle
  • Free Pubcrawl for all participants

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