Mega Welcome Dinner

Good food & good company!


October 15th



Meeting Point & Time

Venue Change: D'Bacalhau

7 PM

Reserve your spot for this Mega Welcome Event, meet other international students and enjoy this amazing traditional Portuguese food!

All you can drink and delicious traditional Portugal food is what you need to start the night!

Take the recommended codfish dish and try out 4 different types of recipes out of the 1000 in Portugal!

Note 1: This Event is exclusive for Erasmus Life Lisboa Cardholders.
Note 2: Make sure you book your place as soon as possible as all events have limited places.

  • Couvert & starters
  • Main dish
  • Coffee (expresso) and dessert
  • All you can drink beer, sangria, house wine (red & white)

For the main dish, choose between:

  • Vegan (to be announced)
  • Vegetarian - Vegetables "à brás"
  • Codfish - try out 4 different types & ways of preparing! - Highly recommended
  • Grilled steak with rice and french fries

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