Taboo Thursday's at MOME


October 14th

Erasmus Life Lisboa Members


Meeting Point & Time

23h30 PM

Hello hello, lovely Erasmus boys & girls!

After 19 months without parties, nightlife is officially back!
This Thursday night is very special as you may or may not know, in Portugal Thursday nights are the “academic nights” where traditionally most university students go out to party!

We are pleased to announce that we have a very special club reserved for this night: MOME!

Due to the high number of people expected and in order to ensure everything goes well this party will require a ticket to come in.

Doors open at 23:30 and we are expecting around 600 people so arrive early and let’s party until the sunrise!

  • 3 beers or ciders*

* You must enter before 2AM to get the drink vouchers, you may enter later with your ticket but you won’t get the drink vouchers.

✪ DRESS CODE: Dress to impress! Leave your flip-flops, cargo shorts and ripped jeans at home!


Hi there! If you need any help chat with us!