DATE: 19/08/2023

PRICE: 10€


HELLO Erasmus Life Lisboa, Erasmus Life Housing, Discover Lisbon, Lisbon Boat Party, The Lisbon Pubcrawl, Placement In Portugal and Place to Stay teams!! We are organizing this trip to Óbidos and Foz do Arelho for all of you and also for your friends that want to participate as well 🙂 join us in this cultural day where you will travel through and discover Portuguese history and culture, visiting a traditional medieval town, and enjoy breathtaking views over the ocean in Foz do Arelho while we do some games, activities and drinks all together at the end of the day with an amazing price of 10 euros only!


The medieval Óbidos village is one of the prettiest and most well conserved castle villages of Portugal. Just a bit less than 80 km from capital Lisbon, this city had a huge strategic importance. It was occupied even before the Romans arrived to the Iberian Peninsula, it prospered when it was taken by the Portuguese royal family, which later offered it to the House of Queens.

The village of Óbidos is also known for its Ginjinha, which should be drunk from a chocolate cup. You can find this easily in any of the many coffee and souvenirs places inside the walls.

Foz do Arelho

It is a place of true beauty, connecting the Óbidos lagoon and the ocean, which used to bathe the west walls of the Óbidos Castle during the Roman Empire. Its wooden walkways offer impressive ocean views, contrasting with the calmness of the lagoon.

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Transportation by private bus

Visit of Óbidos

Walkways of Foz do Arelho


Travel insurance

Beach activities and games

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Restauradores Square 9:30AM

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