Erasmus is not one year in your life
but your life in one year

Hello there!

Welcome to Erasmus Life Lisboa

First of all, let us tell you who we are. We're a non-profit organization founded in March 2013 by a couple of Portuguese students who had just returned to Lisbon from their own Erasmus Program. After coming back from what it could only be described as the best time of their lives, they decided to set up this association in Lisbon to provide all the incoming international students with the same amazing experience.
Erasmus Life Lisboa was born to make you feel at home, by helping you in the best way possible and to make sure you have the most exciting time of your life by creating experiences and memories you will never regret!
Soon Lisbon will be your new favorite city and you'll wish that your Erasmus in Lisbon will never end. We will be here every single day ready to welcome you, help you with whatever you need and show you our amazing city, the sparkling culture, the destinations around Portugal, show you weird typical Portuguese habits and of course party like there's no tomorrow.

Create your Erasmus Card

Some reasons why you should create your card as soon as you arrive Portugal






Events & Trips

Take a view at our parties, trips and events

Erasmus Life Lisboa organizes all kinds of trips around the country from north to south, check the amazing places you can visit and choose the ones you like more or just go to every! Our biggest trips are Porto Trip (capital of the north) and Algarve Paradise Trip (in the south of Portugal has ones of the best beaches in Europe).
Regarding our local activities you can choose from sports, culture, gastronomic you name it! Check here what best suits you, a boat party along the Tagus River, a football tournament, a wine and cheese tasting or a lovely walking tour to get to know Lisbon!

Buddy Program

Meet your local friend

Are you nervous about arriving in Lisbon all alone? Do not panic! We are here and we have a perfect solution: tell us something about yourself and we will find your special BFF (Buddy For Foreigners). Your BFF basically will be your living Lisbon encyclopedia and you can ask him/her any questions you might have. By the time you arrive in Lisbon you will know your new friend very well, your BFF will wait for you at the airport and then guide you to your new room. Your buddy can help you out with almost anything you might need to get your life in Lisbon started.


Find the perfect place to stay in three easy steps

Talk with us

What are you looking for? An apartment by yourself, a shared flat?

Visit the place

Once you chose, we'll take you there to confirm your interest.

Bring your stuff

Once chosen, bring your stuff in and start enjoying your new place.

Surf & Sports

Practice a sport during your Erasmus experience

Want to stay fit while in your exchange program? Worry no more!
Erasmus Life Lisboa organizes all kinds of sports games, since football, basketball and volleyball games to surf or climbing, you name it! Join the group Erasmus Sports in Lisbon on Facebook and check all the schedules!

We organize 5 football games per week and surf classes every day in – Centro Internacional de Surf. And guess what? You have discount with your Erasmus Life Lisboa card in both schools so you can become a surf pro.


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