"Pela Calçada" Walking Tour


October 12th



Meeting Point & Time

Rossio Square

2 PM & 2.30 PM


The Portuguese mosaic is the name for a pavement  covering, composed of irregularly shaped stones, usually in white and black limestone, which can be used to form decorative patterns or mosaics by contrasting the stones.

It is widely used in paving public spaces - pedestrian areas, squares, patios, and also in private spaces. In Portugal, workers specialized in laying this type of sidewalk are called mestres calceteiros, that unfortunately are disappearing.

The Portuguese sidewalk, as the name indicates, originates from Portugal, appeared the first at the Castelo de S. Jorge in Lisbon in the mid-19th century, having spread throughout the city and later all over  the country and abroad, where we can find this  traditional Portuguese pavement in numerous countries.

  • Guided Walking tour

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