The party Lisbon needed!

There is a new party taking Lisbon storm: LX CIRCUS!  
Maybe before there wasn’t many good reasons to go out on a Wednesday night but this here is a game changer!
Inspired by the circus experience, obviously, LX CIRCUS transforms the Rive Rouge club into an authentic and unique party experience!



Burlesque dancers, fire breathers,  man in stilts – all that there is to find in a Circus, you can find in here, thus the name. But the plus side is, it is a club you can spend your night wild in, and it is sitting in the heart of Lisbon!

This will for sure be a cult favorite for party animals, LX Circus is not just a nightclub, it's a different world and in this fictional world, you can be whatever you want!

Never ever clubs were such a wired mix of chic ambiance, super live circus shows, and dramatic spirit. It looks like music never stops here and you can play your role all night long or run away with the circus.

If you are a bit fed up with all that “normal” Lisbon nightclubs, looking for new unusual impressions, we can advise you one very exclusive place to go – LX Circus. This venue is so different from what you have seen before. LX circus is a unique clubbing experience, impossible to find something similar in Lisbon. If you aren’t afraid to have a night full of surprises and interesting adventures - welcome to the Circus!


Parties at LX Circus is something very fascinating, as you might expect. All these beautiful people, acrobats, exotic dancers and very tasty cocktails - that makes this VIP club so special! Once you there, you would never want to come back to your previous nightlife.

This is not a party, this is an experience you will want to repeat every week.

How to join this event?
International Students with ELL CARD have free entrance till 02:00AM
Also you can sign up for guestlist in the event here and enjoy free entrance till 01:30.
For more information you can also check out the facebook event



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