DATE: 10/02/2023

PRICE: 18€


New in Lisbon? Join our first Welcome Dinner!

During this dinner you will have an open bar with all you can drink Beer, Sangria and Cider. Besides that, we make sure you get to know other students through fun games!

After the dinner finishes, we will party in the same location until 1AM and then enter the Club of the night: LISBOA RIO!


Note 1: This Event is exclusive for Erasmus Life Lisboa Cardholders.

Note 2: Make sure you book your place as soon as possible as all events have limited places.


The Menu includes:


-Main dish

-All you can drink Beer, Sangria & Cider

For the main dish:

Pork Stroganoff

Cream Codfish

Vegetarian Risotto


8:30 PM

Espaço Académico de Lisboa (Turma Académica de Lisboa)

Hi there! If you need any help chat with us!