Nova SBE – Discovery Week Spring Semester

Special social and cultural activities for Nova SBE Students in partnership with Erasmus Life Lisboa

January 26th

Unveil Lisbon's Rich Heritage!

January 26th

Ride the Waves at Caparica Beach!

January 27th

Mega Welcome: Fado & Flavor Unite!

January 28th

The Journey to Remember!

January 29th

Walk Alfama: Discover Lisbon's Soul!

January 29th

Feel the waves, live the thrill of surfing!

January 30th

Where Voices Shine - It's Karaoke Time!

January 31st

Ride the Waves at Caparica Beach!

January 31st

Connecting at the Speed of Friendship!

February 3rd

Uncover the magic of Mira d'Aire!

February 4th

Where Waves Speak and Adventures Await!


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