NOVA SBE - Speed Friending

Le'ts make new friend and enjoy the night with us!


August 21st



Meeting Point & Time

All Saints Bar


Want to meet your fellow Erasmus students in Lisbon? What a better opportunity to make new friends than the Ultimate Speed Friending?!

So what can you expect from this Speed Friending? Lots of team games and crazy challenges in a memorable night!

We'll give you a hint:

Let's recreate the speed dating, but way better! This game will help you find your future drinking buddy, your sports buddy, or a friend for life!

If this is not enough for you, we have another surprise for you: the POWER HOUR!

Yes, you heard it right… 1 HOUR of OPEN BAR of BEER and SANGRIA waiting for you and only for you, just to make things a little bit more interesting!

Note 1: This Event is exclusive for NOVA SBE students!

Note 2: Make sure you book your place as soon as possible as all events have limited places.

Check the class schedule before buying the ticket !

  • Meeting people from all over the world!

  • Drinking games – Speed Friending

  • POWER HOUR: 2 hour of Open Bar of Beer and Sangria!


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