Trip to Óbidos, Buddha Eden Garden and Foz do Arelho

Visit Portuguese History & Culture and enjoy breathtaking views!



May 2nd

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Cidade Universitária

8 AM

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Join us in this cultural day where you will travel through and discover Portuguese history and culture, visiting a traditional medieval town, explore the calmness and serenity of Buddha Éden Garden and enjoy breathtaking views over the ocean in Foz do Arelho!

✰ Óbidos ✰
The medieval Óbidos village is one of the prettiest and most well conserved castle villages of Portugal. Just a bit less than 80 km from capital Lisbon, this city had a huge strategic importance. It was occupied even before the Romans arrived to the Iberian Peninsula, it prospered when it was taken by the Portuguese royal family, which later offered it to the House of Queens.

Inside the walls you can find several examples of the religious and civil architecture like the main church of Santa Maria, the St Peter church and the aqueduct.

The village of Óbidos is also known for its Ginjinha, which should be drunk from a chocolate cup. You can find this easily in any of the many coffee and souvenirs places inside the walls.

✰ Buddha Éden Garden ✰
Who would have guessed? Just an hour north from Lisbon, in the countryside, there is a beautiful garden intended as “a place for reconciliation.” Buddha Éden is 35+ hectares of natural fields, lakes, manicured gardens, contemporary sculpture… and Buddhist statuary. It's the biggest oriental garden in Europe.

A unique place of peace and serenity that will surprise you. There are six tons of marble Buddhas and figures installed throughout the garden. Walkways, piers and gazebos provide access to areas for contemplation. The gardens have additional features, such as a cobalt blue replication of the Terracotta Army from China and the African Sculpture Art Garden that is dedicated to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, who have carved stone by hand into works of art for over a thousand years. There are more than 200 African works arranged under the shade of 1000 palms.

✰ Foz do Arelho ✰
It is a place of true beauty, connecting the Óbidos lagoon and the ocean, which used to bathe the west walls of the Óbidos Castle during the Roman Empire. Its wooden walkways offer impressive ocean views, contrasting with the calmness of the lagoon.

Note: Until regular events are allowed, we will be organizing small get togethers on some of our partners following the general rules, unfortunately we won't be able to give you the same support.The municipal police has asked us to be clear about this activity: this is not an event , we are only promoting special conditions for international students in our partners. Have fun and stay safe!

  • Please keep in mind that, due to the current circumstances, both guides and participants have rights and responsibilities to ensure everyone's safety.
    • Guide with mask or face-shield during the trip;
    • Hand sanitizer always available on bus and with guide;
    • Guest masks are mandatory (masks available for purchase with guide).
  • Transportation by private bus
  • Visit of Óbidos
  • Entrance in Buddha Eden Garden
  • Walkways of Foz do Arelho
  • Travel insurance

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