You’ve got too much luggage? Check this out!

Did you buy too much stuff in Lisbon and now your luggage is too heavy to take back on the plane?

Well we thought this could happen! With Eurosender you are able to send away your luggage from door to door for a very reasonable price. They provide a service to deliver your luggage back to your home country, and with your Erasmus Life Lisboa you will have a 10% or 5% discount on the total cost of the delivery.

5% Discount when you bring your luggage to Erasmus corner without registering before (since pick up hours may vary and we don’t want you to be stuck at home and not enjoying Lisbon in your last days) and we will give you all the necessary information about price and timing (5-8 days depending on where you need to deliver your luggage).

10% discount when you book online and use your address as pick up point using the LIFELISBOA code.

If you register online and choose our office as a pick up location there is a 5€ fee to drop your luggage at Erasmus Life Lisboa office.

Please wrap your luggage properly and in case it has zippers use locks to close it.

Find more info about the weight and the items you can ship, or make the booking at:

If you prefer to pay online and book the pick at your place use LIFELISBOA code.

Hi there! If you need any help chat with us!