Get to know every important info, from speed limits to rent a car in Lisbon

Driving in Portugal can be tricky for newcomers, and Lisbon, with all its hills, has traps for inexperienced drivers in each corner, so here you have some helpful tips:

  • Portuguese drive on the right side of the road.
  • Portuguese speed limits: 50km/h inside towns, for main roads with only one lane it’s 90km/h and on highways you can drive up to 120km/h. Tolerance up to 10km/h.
  • Within towns and on national roads, there are often police radars, so be aware. On highways, they are rare, but driving over 160km/h will catch the police attention. Portuguese drivers will seldom let you know of a police radar or patrol car by turning on and off the high beam when passing by.
  • Driving and drinking is not recommended. When you drive the legal maximum alcohol level is restricted to 0.5g/l, the equivalent of a small beer.
  • It is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving, and if you will be caught doing that you will be fined. Also, all occupants of the vehicle must wear seat belt!
  • The use of blinkers (turn signals) has never really caught on in Portugal so by all means use them as you would normally, just don’t expect anyone else to do it.
  • Lisbon and other big towns and cities are crawling with self-appointed parking ‘helpers’ who will point out and wave you into available spaces, hoping for a tip. It is advised to leave them something (up to 2€), as they will be looking out for your car and sometimes even go to the trouble of putting money in the parking meter if yours is running out and a city meter attendant is in sight.
  • In rural areas, don’t be surprised to find a car stopped in the middle of the road and the occupants catching up with local gossip. They will usually wrap up their conversation and drive off when they see you, but may need a little encouragement in the form of a gentle beep. Another rural practice, especially in villages with single track roads, is for people to stop the car in the middle of the road and leave it there while they go on their lives. If your path is blocked by an abandoned car, honk loudly and someone will come out and move it so that you can pass.
  • Unbroken white lines are not to be crossed, especially not double ones, which means that if you want to turn left onto a road with double white lines, you can’t. You have to turn right into the direction of traffic and use the next roundabout to change direction. If you don’t, you will be strongly yelled at by local pedestrians or fined by the police.
  • Some of the highways (‘A’ roads with blue signs) are now toll roads (for instance, the one that leads up to Serra da Estrela and the one that crosses Algarve). First of all, check with your hire company if they have the proper device and the toll booth expense will show up in your credit card or if you’ll have to pay it by yourself (at a post office, a few days later – just keep the plate number). That device can also be used to drive through the ‘Via Verde’ lane without stopping at the toll booths, but you have to check with the car hire company beforehand if the device is active, or you will be up for in a big fine!

Rent a car in Lisbon is a must for all who want to go for a ride in this beautiful country. Like in other capitals, you will find a lot of car hire companies right at the Airport, but getting a vehicle in the city can be cheaper. We gathered an extensive list of companies that operate in Lisbon, their websites and reservation numbers.

With the ELL card you have discounts in

  • Madlobos
    Rent a car from ‚25 euros a day, and, as if it was not cheap enough, you also get a
    15% discount on top of that, by presenting your Erasmus Life Lisboa Card when
    booking your ride!
    Their service includes:
    • No deposit required; • No credit card required; • Full insurance (SCDW); • Unlimited km's without any extra fees; • No hidden fees!
  • ADDRESS: R. Beneficência 42A, Lisboa
    WEBSITE: www.madloboscarhire.com
    MAIL: lisboa@madloboscarhire.com
    PHONE : (+351) 93 730 41 26
  • Ecooltra
    eCooltra is an app with the largest fleet of electric scooters per minute in Europe, with more than 1000 scooters available.. You only pay for the minutes you use. With Erasmus Life Lisboa you will get 30 min for free on your first registration!
  • Cooltra
    Europe’s biggest scooter rental company. Use the promo code ERASMUSLIFE online or show up at their shop with your Erasmus Life Lisboa Card and get 10% discount on all your scooter rent.
    Phone: +351 912 524 815; +351 910 957 474

         Address: Rua da Madelena, 216

  • Roadyng                                                                                                                                                                          The Motorhome rental from Roadyng was designed so that nothing is missing, on the most precious days of the year, the holidays. Choose yours and go on a memorable trip! Enjoy a 15% discount with your Erasmus Life Lisboa Card! Their service includes: • 24/7 Assistance; • Cleaning Kit; • Trip Advice; • Unlimited Kms; • Kitchen Kit                                                                                                                          ADDRESS: R. dom Manurl I, nº 26b, 2695-003 Bobadela - Lisboa
    WEBSITE: www.roadyng.com
    MAIL: booking@roadyng.com
    PHONE : (+351) 916 333 929

Other renting companies

  • Hertz
    Car and van rental with or without driver. They have a station at the airport and another at the city, in Rua Castilho, 72 Lisbon.
    Phone: +351 808 202 038; +351 21 942 6300 (local reservations) or +351 219 426 385 (international reservations)
  • Europcar  
    International car hire company. Vehicles available include economy, family, luxury and vans.
    Address: Av. António Augusto Aguiar, 24 Lisbon
    Phone: +351 21 353 5115
  • Avis – Rent-a-Car
    National car rental company for tourist and utility vehicles.
    Address (central offices): Avenida Marechal Craveiro Lopes 2, Lisbon
    Phone: +351 217 547 800
  • Ausocar Rent-a-Car
    Car rental agency with a range of cars from economical to luxury models. Opened from 9:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00.
    Address: Rua Diogo Bernardes 17 D, Lisbon
    Phone: +351 217 815 750 or +351 919 591 920
  • Rupauto Rent-a-Car
    Rental of cars, vans and minibuses. Special rates available for commercial van hire.
    Address: Rua da Beneficiencia, 99 Lisbon
    Phone: +351 217 933 258
  • Auto Jardim
    Wide variety of vehicles and motorbikes to hire.
    Address: Lisbon Airport, Building 125, Floor 0, Room 3 and Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 6.
    Phone: +351 218 462 916 (Airport) or +351 213 549 182 (City center)
  • Solcar – Rental Car
    Daily, weekly rental of cars and vans.
    Address: Rua S. Sebastião da Pedreira 51, Lisbon
    Phone: +351 213 139 070
  • Guerin – Car Rental Solutions
    Car and van hire with and without driver. Also provides business services.
    Address: Lisbon Airport and Avenida Álvares Cabral 45B, Lisbon
    Phone: +351 707 272 007
  • Limousines.pt
    Limousine service and luxury car hire.
    Address: Avenida Paris, 4D Lisbon
    Phone: +351 217 267 118
  • Specialimo Travel Group
    Rental of luxury vehicles, minibuses, buses. Organization of tours and event management. Business services, weddings, anniversaries, meetings and conferences, tours and transfers.
    Phone: +351 217 552 861 or +351 968 497 129
  • WH-Executive Service
    Luxury vehicle hire, chauffeur service, company mobility service and limousine hire.
    Address: Rua Joao de Freitas Branco 23A, Lisbon
    Phone: +351 217 276 117 or +351 912 202 320
  • Limoutravel
    Personalized chauffeur and concierge service. Executive and coach hire, sightseeing tours, events, confidential VIP Services, roadshows, transfers, themed tourist itineraries and excursions. Licensed drivers speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
    Phone: +351 967 001 700 (24 hours)
  • PortugalTopCars – Luxury Car Rental
    Renting high-end cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche and Range Rover. Pick up or delivery of vehicle arranged.
    Phone: +351 967 640 361
  • Strawberry Autos
    Low cost car rental in Lisbon. Possibility to hire cars in one place and return in another. Offices at Lisbon airport.
    Phone: +351 291 762 421
  • Argus Car Rental
    Launched in 1996, this website compares car rental prices from up to 450 car hire companies for 11,000 locations in 134 countries worldwide. Rentals throughout Portugal can be booked online on the English language version of the site.

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