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Driving in Portugal & Car Rent

Driving in Portugal can be tricky for newcomers, and Lisbon, with all its hills, has traps for inexperienced drivers in each corner, so here you have some helpful tips
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Mail & Deliveries

There are over 1,000 post offices (correios) in Portugal with varying opening hours. In main cities and touristic areas, the post offices are open on weekdays from 08:30-18:00 (some are closed for lunch) and on Saturday mornings until 12:30. In some rural areas delivery services are fairly infrequent and people often find it more convenient to rent a post office box (apartado) and collect their mail themselves from the nearest post office.
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Pharmacies have a rotational system. Each day, one of them per area is open for 24h, you can check the open pharmacies around Lisbon here. Public hospital treatment is available for anyone entering Portugal regardless of where you are resident; payment is required. Foreigners (EU and non-EU) with a valid Portuguese residence permit are entitled to access the national health service at a discounted rate. That´s a helpful Lisbon information.
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Financial Services

You'll need to create some sort of things like a bank account, an Portuguese SIM card and by the way, Erasmus Life Lisboa offers you the best option in terms of SIM card: NOS WTF.
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Find here the exact location and contacts for Embassies in Lisbon.
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Lisbon Attractions

You probably do not know much about Lisbon information yet but believe us soon it will be your new favourite city! Let us explain why Lisbon is definitely the best city to choose for your Erasmus. What is there to do in Lisbon? What should you do and see? Where should you eat? Where are the best viewpoints? What is the cost of living in Lisbon? Where are the beaches? How does the transportation work? How to get home at night? Scroll down to find an answer to all these questions and learn more about our beautiful city!
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The arrival to Lisbon Are you going to be an exchange student in this awesome city? Sure you have lots of questions, and we are going to answer all of them in the “Life in Lisbon” section. For now let’s start with the basics: 1. most of you will arrive in Lisbon by plane, which
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